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Chủ đề: MvCore 1.17.0

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    Dec 2014
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    MvCore 1.17.0

    Key Features
    * Easy site installation
    * Support for multiple languages
    * Me_MuOnline DB Support
    * SMTP Account Activation (Full only)
    * MD5 password Support
    * Reset and GReset Column Manage (Full only)
    * Protection anti-flood (full only)
    * Injection anti SQL
    * S1 - Support S10
    * Expanded admission Vault and inventory
    * the entire website managed from AdminCP (full only)
    * License: never expire
    * Rate of renovation: 0 Eur

    pages main
    * Register
    * Downloads
    * Ranking
    * Statistics
    * banned players
    * Gallery
    * Market (full only)
    * Webshop
    * Forum include modules * (full only) * Market Latest (full only) * image Siler * Forum Latest posts * Forum server Time * timer events last post * Statistics * Top Characters * Top guilds

    user Pages
    * account Settings
    * Payment System -
    - PaymentWall
    - SuperRewards
    - PayPal
    - PayGol
    Fortumo -
    Group * Game -
    - Character waiting room (Full Only)
    - Character sale and purchase (full only)
    - Change character
    - Grand Reset
    - Add Statistics
    - Points Buy Level Up (full only)
    - Change Class (full only)
    - Clear PK State
    - Change the character 's name (full only)
    - Reset SkillTree
    - Reset Stats
    - Sell free Statistics (full only)
    - Grand Master Reset (full only)
    - Buy level (full only)
    - Warp Character
    - Inventory Claro (full only)
    * free Credits
    * Hide information
    * friend System
    * Change System
    * GM Buy (full only)
    * Buy Vip (full only)
    * lottery System (full only)
    * Warehouse (full only)
    * Castle Siege Registration
    * item System (Upgrade Only full)
    * Changing old (full only)
    * my Sponsor (full only)
    * Scramble Event (full only)
    * Exit Game Master Pages
    * Ban System
    * Black List Manage
    * Reward System (full Only)
    * Information characters
    * Event Post (full Only) Page Manager
    * Board instruments
    * main settings
    Enable / Disable Pages
    * event Timer Manage (full only)
    * DB table settings
    * Manage character (full only)
    * account Manage
    * Publication of settings
    * Game Master Manage
    * Register Manage
    * News Management
    * ad Manage ( full only)
    * Downloads Manage
    * Vote Manage
    * messages Forum and the topic Manage (full only)
    * Game Panel Manage
    * Vip system Manage (full only)
    * Survey Vote Manage (full only)
    * Exchange system Manage
    * old Change manage (full Only) manage
    * lottery System (full only)
    * Other settings module
    * Payment System Management
    * slider manage
    * Gallery administer
    * Article Upgrade manage System (full Only)
    * Market manage (full only)
    * Theme and administer option (full only)
    * manage Webshop
    * Check Run (full only)
    * Subject manage
    * Live chat

    Update 1.17.0 ( Critical Bugs Fixes )
    1) Fixed acps & added check admin case
    2) Fixed VIP Inject bug
    3) Fixed Postback Cheating Bugs
    4) Fixed PayGol Return URL
    5) Fixed Warp Character Cost Bug

    Update 1.16.9 ( Critical AdminCP Access Fix )
    1) Updated Engine.php With Fixed Login Code

    Update 1.16.8 ( Anti SQL Inject )
    1) Updated Engine.php ( Checking Post,Get,Request Data For Injection Symbols )

    Note: Some pages might not work properly ( Visible Code Or Error MSG ) if so report to me.

    Update 1.16.7 ( Final Release Version OF MVCore GEN1 )
    1) Fixed Lost Password Answer Checking Case Of NULL
    2) Fixed Webshop Class Case With New Item.txt Recode.
    3) Webshop Skill Error Check Fixed
    4) Fixed Webshop Socket Buy Count Problem ( Error Checking With Count Case )
    5) Removed Licensing System.
    6) Added Fixed Htaccess file
    7) Lost Password MD5 Case added.

    Development on MVCore GEN2 v2.0.0 has been started
    New Version PHP
    PDO With 4 Types Of Connections
    Updated Codes
    Much Better Secutiry
    Open Source 90% ( 10% Obfuscated )

    Update 1.16.6 ( Super )
    1) Latest Market Item Buy Bug Fixed.
    2) Install Page Recoded To Support Multiple Instalations Depending On Case.
    3) Added Multi DB Support In Install System
    4) Me Database Configuration File Moved To System Folder ( Less Editing )
    5) Fixed Install Page Visual & Systematic Bugs.
    6) MultiDB System Database Table/Column Install From AdminCP Added.
    7) Master Grand Reset Page, Removed Visual Mistake
    8) Fixed Season 1 Registration Issue.
    9) Added Md5 Function Support "dbo_fn_md5()"
    10) Announce System Config Folder Included In MultiDB System
    11) Fixed User Income Money Save Value In AdminCP & Market.
    12) Recoded Webshop AD option config ( Can ON/OFF From Item File )
    13) Update AdminCP Responsible CSS & Included MultiDB Switch
    14) Added Protection On acps.php ( AdminCP POSTS )
    15) Fixed item Related Page Loading ( include issue )
    16) Removed Class Buttons In Rankings ( Speeds Up Page Load By 50% )
    17) Fixed & 100% Tested Season 1 Support ( Might Support Other Version Below S1 Also )
    18) Fixed Case With MultiDB On Pagseguro ( Will Support Only Default DB )
    19) Added Season 10 Items In Item File.

    Note: This update now is with more secutiry, several fixes and page updates in visual/speed that increases mvcore value even more.
    In order to get the update you will need to contact me on skype!

    Update 1.16.5 MDB
    1) Fixed Login System ( Password Checking & Empty Login )
    2) Payment System "Interkassa" Fixed
    3) CHMOD Added For WebHost Support.
    4) Register Account Limiter Updated.
    5) Vip Ranking Added ( List Of Vip Accounts )
    6) Game Panel Module Information Visuals Added
    7) New Settings In VIP Manage ( Check & Apply New Settings )
    8) Recoded AdminCP Page To Be Responsible.
    9) Added Socket Check If Doesnt Exist In DB
    10) Coded VIP System Settings With ON OFF Option If Enter Value 0
    11) MD5 Updated With More PW Hash Cases & Salt Option.
    12) Recoded Item.txt content ( Now Contains More Options )
    13) Multi Database Support ( From 1 To 8 Dbs )
    14) Increased Page Loading Speed ( Loading Much Faster Then Before )
    15) Fixed Loading If Banned Player List Is Over 100+
    16) Fixed Downloads Page Table Visual Bug.
    17) Season 10 Support ( On Test, Report To Me Any Problems Found! )

    NOTE: Eng.php has been modified, check by 12.07.2016 date.
    WARNING: Item.txt has been changed, it is req. to check and edit depending on your old item file!!

    Update 1.16.4 HF
    1) Engine Validation Fix On [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] Status Case.
    2) InterKassa Currency Code Option Added.

    Update 1.16.4
    1) Webshop Socket Option Disabled If Buy Updated With If sk Enabled Check.
    2) Webshop Added Option Check In PHP For Level, Ad, Luck, SKill Buy
    3) Increased Page Loading Speed
    4) Started Season 1 Support Coding ( WARNING: S1 Support Under Test )
    5) Fixed Bonus Column When Bonus Disabled In Character Reset.
    6) Fixed Visual Text Mistake In AdminCP PaymentSystem Page.
    7) Updated Query Execute, Added Log Save & Extra Secutiry.
    8) User, GM, Admin Log Save When Login Updated With IP.
    9) Fixed Scramble Timer Issue With Date
    10) Fixed Account Register Limiter The Count Code.
    11) Added Pagseguro Payment System For Brazil Admins
    12) Added Interkasso Payment System For Russians & Others
    13) Fixed AD Option On Rings & Pendants
    14) Procedure Installation Collate Fix

    NOTE: Open "customer.txt" file and put there your username of [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] ( without this the website wont work )

    WARNING: If Any Bugs Found Since This Update Immediately Report To Me!!
    "In this update i have coded several things without full testing and so might contain human mistakes,
    if you find any mistake, wrong code or non working something then inform me about it, thanks"

    Update 1.16.3 HF
    1) Fixed Webshop Socket Option Check If Buy Non-Socket Items
    2) Fixed Rankings Online User Data If Account Dosnt Have Characters.

    Update 1.16.3
    1) Gens Table User Column Data Removed ( Not In Use )
    2) Same Socket Type Check in PHP Added.
    3) Skilltree Table Settings Removed Username Choise ( Not In Use )
    4) Updated PayGol IP List For PostBack
    5) Webshop Config "Webshop Excellent On ..." Available New Option "Disables Buy IF Selected"
    6) Webshop Error & Character Market Error Texts Added in system/system_lang/eng.php
    7) Added PHP Check For Disabled Items.
    8) Added PHP Check For Disabled Socket Options.
    9) Added Track Logs In Exchange Page ( system/system_logs/exchangesystem.log ) If Problems Report To Me.
    10) Fixed IMPORTANT BUG In Character Market.
    11) Recoded Reset System LevelUpPoints Bonus ( Now With More Options )

    Note: Check For Unselected Configs In Character Reset Page!

    Update 1.16.2
    1) Market Recent Category Fixed.
    2) Exchange System Fixed Error To Check For Users Online.
    3) Reset Page New Config "Clean LevelUpPoints With Reset Stats?"
    4) Previus Update Webshop Config Not Saving Fixed.
    5) Fixed PayPal Automatic Credits Rewarding Issue ( Has To Enable CURL In php.ini "extension=php_curl.dll" )
    6) Market & Webshop Category Rename "Accessories" To "Wings, Crystals" ( Eng.php )
    7) Scramble Event Timer Off Interval issue Fixed
    8) Fixed Statistics Gens Contribution Calculation If Varchar.
    9) Added MagicList Clean If Skill Table "MasterSkillTree" Of MuEmu/ExTeam DB In SkillTree Reset Module
    10) Added Fortumo Payment System.

    Update 1.16.1
    1) Added More Configs For Item Excellent In Webshop.
    2) Fixed Post Status Return Value.
    3) Fixed Issue With Reset Reward Text In "Vip Buy"
    4) Scramble Start Interval Config Values Fixed.
    5) Webshop Discount Active Interval Included.
    6) Fixed Webshop Item Cost On Load.
    7) Zen Exchange Issue Fixed ( Updated AdminCP )
    8) PayGol Issue With PostBack Fixed.
    9) Removed Luck Option In Rings / Pendants

    Update 1.16.0
    1) News Page Main Button Added
    2) Warehouse "Item Upgrade" ON/Off Codes Fixed
    3) Statistics Page Case Season 2 Added
    4) Sorted Register Country Name List ( Credits: MrSenia )
    5) Webshop & Market Hide And Default Category Config Fixed/Made.
    6) Vip Save To File "" Fixed.
    7) Fixed SQL Password Symbol Usage Problem.
    8) Server VIP Expire Date Added.
    9) Ancient Option Buy Cost From Refinary Disable Fixed.
    10) Webshop max socket buy fix.
    11) Added 3 and 5 minutes in scramble interval.

    Data of older updates has been removed.
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Khách viếng thăm hãy cùng muonlinegr2 xây dựng diễn đàn CLBGAMESVN vững mạnh nhé!

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    Ðề: MvCore 1.17.0

    bác cho em hỏi cài ntn không có file Config ? ạ
    Khách viếng thăm hãy cùng harrykien xây dựng diễn đàn CLBGAMESVN vững mạnh nhé!

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    Ðề: MvCore 1.17.0

    i need tutorial setup web video
    thankyou !
    không biết tiếng anh khổ thế đấy
    Connect to Server . . .



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