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    Icon4 Fluxcp - Web quản lý RO đơn giản

    Here is an outline of currently implemented features and features that are planned or underway. The features have been divided into relevant (or what we think are relevant) sections.


    • Clean PHP-based configuration format.
    • Multi-server support (this includes multiple login servers and char/map server pairs).
    • Easily extendable API.
    • Donation capabilities through PayPal.
    • Prepared Invision PowerBoard and phpBB SQL scripts for integrating users database with said forum software.
    • Player abuse/harassment/misbehavior report system.


    • Who Is Online - Name, Class, Level, Guild Name and Map.
    • Statistics and distribution of players across maps.
    • Character Ranking - Name, Class, Guild Name, Level and Experience.
    • Guild Ranking - Guild Name, Guild Leader, Guild Level, Number of Member/Max Number of Members, Members Online, Average Level of Guild Members and Guild Experience. In-Progress
    • Zeny Ladder - Name, Zeny, Class, Level and Guild Name.
    • Homunculus Ladder - Homunculus Name, Homunculus Owner, Homunculus Type, Homunculus Level and Homunculus Intimacy.
    • MvP Ladder - Name, Class, Level and Number of MvPs Killed.
    • Castle Information - List of castles with currently ruling guild. Guild name will be clickable to provide information on the guild including Guild Name, Leader, Guild Level, Members, Members Online, Avg Level and Guild Experience. (Unavailable during WoE)
    • Searchable Item and Mob Database. Rates will automatically be adjusted based on server rates. Mob Skills detail. Item drops detail.
    • Server Status with Number of Players Online.
    • Account Information and Detail View.
    • Character Information and Detail View.
    • Guild Information and Detail View.
    • Listing of WoE Hours in Server time and Current System time.

    Player-Account/Character Services

    • Password Changing with dates and IPs of previous password changes.
    • Email Changing with dates and IPs of previous email changes.
    • Account Summary - Number of logins, Character Detail with Slot, Name, Class, Level, Zeny, Guild Name and Online Status.
    • Gender Change Services.
    • Login Log - Dates/IPs of successful/failed login attempts. Planned / Priority
    • Character Divorce - Divorce one of your characters from his/her partner.
    • Reset Palettes/Equipment.
    • Reset Position.
    • Preferences - Display on Who's Online or not, Hide current map from Who's Online and Hide character from zeny ranking or not.
    • Item Shop - Purchasing.
    • Account Email Confirmation.
    • Resending Validation Email.
    • Password Reset.


    • Unrestricted Who Is Online.
    • Account View/Search. Ability to modify Emails, Genders, Login counts, Credit balances, last login dates and last used ips. Ability to apply/revoke temporary/permanent bans -- Actions logged.
    • Character View/Search. Ability to modify character information.
    • Guild View/Search. Ability to modify guild information.
    • Guild Emblem Exportation.
    • IP Banning. Ability to place/lift/modify/search IP Bans.
    • CP Logs - View/Search Detailed Paypal Transactions Log, View/Search Detailed CP Login Log.
    • eA Logs - View/Search Detailed eA Login Logs.
    • Item Shop - Add/Modify/Remove items with support for cost, quantity, item images and descriptions.
    • Send Mail via Form Mailer.

    Hướng dẫn cài đặt:

    // Item Required
    __________________________________________________ ______________________________
    1) fluxcp- revision 945 (fluxcp-1.0) 1.6 MB

    2) fluxcp-item-images.zip Large item images for use in FluxCP 14.6 MB

    3) fluxcp-item-icons.zip Small item images for use in FluxCP 4.9 MB
    fluxcp-item-icons_20081102 Small item images for use in FluxCP (2008-11-02 UPDATE: Fixed card images) 4.9 MB

    Download Link [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]


    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] >> contain all file -item-images--item-icon<<

    __________________________________________________ ______________________________

    4) Notepad++

    Download Link [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] 3.88 MB

    __________________________________________________ ______________________________

    Upload to your file to your web directory or who want to host control panel in their own pc

    I suggest Them To Use

    Vertigo = [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Abyss Web Server = [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Xamp = [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    __________________________________________________ ______________________________
    // Now Open The fluxcp- That You Downloded From the Main Site.

    // Find FOlder Name Config in that Find application.php (open with Notepad++)

    // GO to Line 5 to 7 there u will find These line

    'ServerAddress' => 'localhost', // on which server is host
    'BaseURI' => '~kuja/flux', // change name to your folder name. like eg.fluxcp->> CP
    'InstallerPassword' => 'secretpassword', // while u install It ask you password so put what u want.

    // Now save and close application.php.. is done

    __________________________________________________ ______________________________

    // again Find Server.php in same folder (open with Notepad++)

    // Go To line 16 to 19 you will find

    'Hostname' => '', Host ip. on which server is host.
    'Username' => 'ragnarok', Mysql ID
    'Password' => 'ragnarok', Mysql Pass
    'Database' => 'ragnarok', Mysql Database

    // Go TO line 37 to 40 You will find same as above

    // Aply same setting above

    'Hostname' => '', Host ip. on which server is host.
    'Username' => 'ragnarok', Mysql ID
    'Password' => 'ragnarok', Mysql Pass
    'Database' => 'ragnarok', Mysql Database

    // Go To line 46 to 48 you will find

    'Address' => '',
    'Port' => 6900,
    'UseMD5' => true, change true to false

    // Go To line 55 to 63 you will find

    'ServerName' => 'FluxRO', change to your ServerName
    'BaseExpRates' => 200, change to your Level Exp rate
    'JobExpRates' => 200, change to your job exp rate
    'MvpExpRates' => 200, change to your Mvp(monster vs people) rate
    'DropRates' => 25, change to your Drop rate
    'MvpDropRates' => 25, change to your MVP Drop Rate
    'CardDropRates' => 25, change to your Card Drop Rate
    'MaxCharSlots' => 9, change to your how your server have char slot
    'DateTimezone' => null, // change to your time zone

    // Go To line 66 to 71 you will find
    'CharServer' => array(
    'Address' => '', Your char server ip.
    'Port' => 6121
    'MapServer' => array(
    'Address' => '', Your Map server ip.

    // Now at last open Your Mysql Query Browser with Your Database.. now click open scprit >then go to Your Server File>Find sql-files Name Folder in that Find item_db and item_db2 open Both 1 by 1 and execute..

    // Now save and close Server.php.. is done
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